Blue jeans red hair


Top from MakeMeChic HERE // Shein Jeans HERE // Boots from ZooShoo

Some quick iPhone pics I took at a event the other night. Sorry for being so MIA on here but I've been feeling a cold coming and now I think I'm fully sick :( that and I find NYFW so stressful, it is so hard to manage time and schedules so because of that I have been not attending much. My first two years I was so excited to attend the shows and events and now I don't have the same excitement. I feel like the energy of it all has really changed and blogging I feel like keeps changing... I think blogging is supposed to be a genuine point of view on topics but recently I've been feeling like a lot of things are very fake. I love blogging and am so grateful for ALL of the opportunities from it! But there are quite a few bloggers out there that portray a very false image of who they are.. it's a shame really because people (including me) get so inspired by someone and to find out it really is a illusion like in a commercial ad... Well that's my blogging rant for now lol. Going to go get some rest! XOXO



New hair who dis? 

I dyed my hair all by myself and I love it!! I was supposed to go into L'Oréal and get it done professionally for a fun lil project but my schedule and theirs never lined up and I have been wanting to get it dyed for a while so... I did it myself :)  

I used a boxed hair dye and a tube of dye for highlights. I've been told keeping up with red hair can be a lot of work because it can fade easily so I ordered conditioners specifically for dyed red hair and I think I will have to add more color every now and then. xx


Sheer blue


Dress from Zaful HERE // H&M Earrings

I am missing this sooo much! The fresh air and the sunshine of Turks and Caicos. Every morning we would open the huge doors to the balcony, play music, eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Now I am back in a very very freezing and a very grey NYC... Take me back to the sunshine!!!

Bells and ruffles


Ruffle Sleeved Sweater HERE // Skirt HERE // NAKD Coat // Public Desire Boots

Back in NYC and actually snapped these photos when Jess and I left a wonderful brunch presentation for Who What Wear's new collection that will be in Target. I am soon into all the rushed and bell sleeve's I have been seeing lately and I actually have a couple sweaters in my closet. It is snowing at the moment here in NYC and I have a event to go to later this evening so I might just wear one of those sweaters...