Warm daze


H&M Earrings // Blouse HERE // Brahmin Bag // Target Jeans

So I got an unbelievable amount of questions and comments about this outfit, top, jeans... When I posted pics and videos to my Instagram Story! The blouse is from Shein and the jeans are from Target. I have been looking for a great fitting pair of flared jeans and I finally found these! I think they are currently priced at $30!! I know, what a deal!



NAKD Coat // Asos Sweater and Jeans // Zara Boots // Bag from Fashion Drug

I love my pink suede bag from Fashion drug, it's Celine inspired but for ways less cost and its amazing quality! 

Hello from yet another freezing day in NYC. I promise you I am so over this winter weather! I never thought weather could affect me so much especially since I grew up in Wisconsin which is synonymous with snow...but ever since I got back from my recent vacation I realized how much better sunshine feels for my mind and body :) 

Blue jeans red hair


Top from MakeMeChic HERE // Shein Jeans HERE // Boots from ZooShoo

Some quick iPhone pics I took at a event the other night. Sorry for being so MIA on here but I've been feeling a cold coming and now I think I'm fully sick :( that and I find NYFW so stressful, it is so hard to manage time and schedules so because of that I have been not attending much. My first two years I was so excited to attend the shows and events and now I don't have the same excitement. I feel like the energy of it all has really changed and blogging I feel like keeps changing... I think blogging is supposed to be a genuine point of view on topics but recently I've been feeling like a lot of things are very fake. I love blogging and am so grateful for ALL of the opportunities from it! But there are quite a few bloggers out there that portray a very false image of who they are.. it's a shame really because people (including me) get so inspired by someone and to find out it really is a illusion like in a commercial ad... Well that's my blogging rant for now lol. Going to go get some rest! XOXO