Style Icons

Fashion Icons!! I have always been a big animal lover, but when it comes to fashion and venturing into this world someone was asking me if is this something I have always been passionate about. I think the admiration for fashion comes form my mom. My mom dressed me in clogs, colored jeans, corduroys, tribal prints, etc... way before I had any idea what it meant to be trendy and before people in Wisconsin thought these looks were cool.  I remember always having a fascination with accessories like making my own necklaces and always wearing headbands, which I still do this day. In middle and high school I was never into trends, I would wear things that were colorful and I loved experimenting with looks that were anything but plain. My inspiration today when it comes to fashion are the fabulous people: Michael Jackson, Miroslava Duma and of course Rihanna. I have always been a HUGE fan of MJ musically and his fashion sense is incredible. Miroslava Duma is someone who is petite in stature and is making a huge impact on fashion internationally. And of course Rihanna! With her outrageously fun pop songs the fashionista is just equally outrageously awesome when it comes to her fashion sense and versatile looks. 

Michael Jackson

Miroslava Duma