a walk in the park

How beautiful is fall! I love watching the trees change and go for long walks in the park with a latte :)

How are you today? I'm super excited because after some work today Vladimir and I are going to a concert that a friend is performing at, should be a great time.

Has anyone else read the article about Essena Oneill and her take on how social media is fake?  At first I was intrigued and was like yeah girl take a stand on a issue that is important to you but then the more I read and learned I have to disagree with what she is saying. I do not think social media is fake I think the bigger issue is a society of fake people. I love social media, I have actually met some amazing people and formed friendships because of social media like Facebook, instagram, YouTube, etc... I am so grateful that I am able to blog full time and social media helps me share my photography, ideas, fashion, etc.. I also want everyone who follows me to know that this is me. No photoshop, my natural hair, my real eyebrows, eyelashes, I don't even wear make-up in 90% off the photos I post. I have nothing against Make-up or beauty treatments but when I started my natural hair journey I wanted to appreciate not only my natural hair but my natural beauty in a sense. Society puts wayyy too much pressure on girls and women to look, act, sound a certain way and I know I'm not here for it. Also no endorsing products just for $$$ but if I do share something with you it is because I really do use it and genuinely like it. I get emails daily about collaborations or products that I have no interest in and I say no a lot. At one time I had a 30 lb bag of hair products sitting at home from companies wanting me to do reviews but if I do not like a product especially a hair product I am not going to tell you to go buy it, even though everyone's hair is different, I only share things I am 100% about.  With that said I hope you guys have a fabulous day!! xx