Alice & Olivia Sample Sale NYC

collage aos.jpg

I took these pics with my iPhone so sorry about the quality, yesterday I went to the Alice & Olivia sample sale on 5th ave with my girlfriend Chantel. It was the first time I've been to a sample sale and I was not a fan... I'm sure each sale is different but this one was a chaotic, the prices were a little high considering quite a few pieces were damaged or seem to have imperfections... Regular dresses were on sale for $129 and the price increased from there depending on the material and embellishments. We each found a couple of dresses to try on, and waited in line for about 20 in to use the fitting room only to discover its a tiny room with about 20+ women all changing together trying to share one large mirror..awkward.. I only tried on one of my dresses, didn't like it and slipped out of the 'fitting room'. Neither of us purchased anything and we left kind of disappointed with the selection of clothing and experience of everything... But Don't get me wrong I'm all about saving $$ so I would definitely do another sample sale, I just don't like manic environments in general and especially when I'm shopping, it takes the joy out of the process.