Amauri Hair Product Review

I received Amauri's awesome Butter Soft collection to try out on my hair and I wanted to break it down and review each product:

 Fortifying Shampoo: A little bit goes a long way, left my hair soft and manageable without feeling stripped.

Moisturizing Conditioner: Love this conditioner! I use a lot of conditioner in my hair so I used up the whole bottle pretty fast but it hair felt soft and made my curls came back to life after each use.

Hair Lotion: I was surprised when the consistency of the hair lotion was more 'liquidy' than a thick cream. The consistency helped my hair have great volume without weighing it down and it hydrates really well!

Rapid Growth Tonic: I used this once but since I'm using another hair growth product from Bee Mine I didn't want to over-do it with products in my hair. But I will definitely get around to using this consistently and monitoring the growth from it.

So overall I really like this collection from Amauri and it seemed most beneficial to use it collectively. You can find these products and other items from Amauri HERE