Hat from DPiper Twins HERE // Similar Jacket HERE // Thrited sweatshirt that I cut // Fashion Nova Jeans // AMI Club Wear Backpack // Boots from Nelly // Chandrah Bracelet // Rumbatime Watch

Obsessed with my new hat! I had to braid my hair to get it to fit  lol big hair problems... I just braided it when it was curly so it's not as nice as when my mom does my hair but it's still cute!. My hair is getting soo long now and I really want to straighten it to see exactly how long it is but then I don't want to spend allll day doing my hair. I condition my hair every day and some days I am so over doing my hair but if I skip a day it gets so tangled and dry. I get asked a lot how long it takes to wash my hair and It's not as long as people might think but then again I think I'm just used to it because I've always had long & thick hair and I remember growing up my mom would bruch and braid mine and my sisters hair everyday! I don't know how she did it, my sisters have long, thick & curly hair too, talk about exhausting :P But now after embracing my naturals curls and staying away from heat my hair is so much thicker and healthier which is also another reason I do not want to straighten it.. Anyways enough about my hair, I want to tell you about my fab new boots! Ordered these beauties from and I love them so much! They are actually really comfortable which I was surprised since the heel is kind of heel and I stay away from really high heels now since I'm always running around the city but these are good to go!