Big News

New hair and new Opportunities!! Remember when I mentioned how Vladimir and I had to cut our Florida trip short because I had a big meeting in NYC? I can tell you about it now! A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a casting director to attend a casting call for a modeling job for L'Oreal!! I was one of 50+ models that day, fast forward to the day of my birthday when Vladimir and I just arrived to Disney World, I received a email saying call backs were the very next day at 3:30 pm. I contacted airlines, car rentals, etc... trying to get a flight out and finally found a 5:00 am flight! Made it to the meeting just in time and it was all worth it because I got the job!! You guys, I did this without a agent or representation, they found me through my blog and social media. It feels amazing and I can not believe this is my life. I am so grateful for this opportunity! I've had my blog for two years now and I've worked so hard on it and have been doing it full time and every accomplishment means so much. Thank you to you all for the support and love! I can not express enough in words how much it means! HUGS!