I need to do more posts about my hair! I get a lot of questions daily about my hair and  I am going to try to incorporate more hair things on the blog. So as you know I recently got my hair colored and anytime you color your hair it gets extremely dry! Two days straight after getting color I deep conditioned with Bee Mine Deep Conditioner, you can find it HERE and use SUNITAV for 10% off. Today I conditioned my hair with Pantene Curl Perfection and then just let it air dry, I usually take my outfit pictures in the morning when my hair is still wet  and so that's why in some pictures my hair looks a little flatter than usual. I usually only air dry and I don't use a comb or any type of stretching to make my hair bigger. It really is this thick on it's own, funny story the other day someone asked if I use a pillow to sleep or if I just sleep on my hair! LOL! I do use a pillow because when I go to sleep I throw my hair up in a bun xx