Birthday Man

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!!

Today is Vladimir's birthday and I have a bunch of fun things planned today. I also planned a big dinner I am making for him at our new apartment, I actually haven't cooked a real meal since we've moved... And we have been in our new place for a month! Yesterday I literally ran all over NYC getting all the things I needed for dinner. Grocery stores in NYC are weird and I rarely find all the ingredients I need at one place. I stayed up until 1 am cleaning our apartment and prepping the dinner so that I don't have to waste time with that this evening. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and I see Vladimir surprised me with a HUGE bouquet of white lilies! He is so sweet he buys me flowers on his birthday. I love white lilies but it's also sentimental because the first time Vladimir surprised me with flowers was I think the second week we hung out and they were white lilies :)