summer romper


Romper HERE // Foever 21 Bag // Sandals from Ego Shoes

I love dressing for these warmer months, dresses, skirts, shorts & rompers are so fun to style and I think it's easier to get creative with outfits. Speaking of beautiful weather I've never thought that I was someone who could be affected by weather ( I grew up in Wisconsin with very cold winters and never complained much) but after traveling to warmer tropical areas I'm realizing how much happier people seem to be when the sun is out, beach is nearby and beautiful palm trees :) It really has me thinking about moving to a place where it's warmer year long or maybe the thrill of NYC is burning out for me? Vladimir and I are already planning our next trip, I want to go to Europe next month but tickets are so high right now, if we can find a deal we're going to book it ASAP! xx