Disney World

Finally got around to posting some of the pics we took at Disney World in Orlando! We had so much fun and one day was definitely not enough to do everything. We actually planned and booked to be in Florida for three days but our flight go canceled because of weather and so it took us 10 hours to get there which meant we pretty much lost a day and then right when we arrived at Disney I received a email about a really important meeting for the next day.. So I spent the first couple hours at Disney World on the phone with airlines, car rentals, etc.. I was literally on the Disney Safari and I don't recall any of it because I was frantically trying to book the earliest flight out of Florida. I couldn't find a flight so I was actually thinking on driving 18 hours back to NYC then luckily we were able to find a 5 am flight into New Jersey.. So all in all we spent exactly 36 hours in Florida maybe we'll try going back in a couple months? If we have time, life keeps getting busier and busier but in really good ways so no complaints! xx