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This week went sooo fast! I thought yesterday was Wednesday all day and I was planning on going to a event that Nylon Magazine and Express were holding on 5th ave but I got the dates mixed so no... But the girls and I met up in Chinatown to check out this adorable cafe called 12 corners, only to  get there and realized they were closing right when we arrived around 7pm. So we walked around until we bumped into a Starbucks, which doesn't take long no matter where you are on this planet, there is seriously one on almost every corner here haha. We talked about the usual, clothes, puppies, food, blogs... haha, It's so nice having supportive friends where you can just sit for hours goofing around and it feels like only 5 min passed.  Sometime today I need to do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair, its feels ssooo dry, I think it might be the weather...