Gotham Comedy Club

I woke up at 6:00 am.. On a Saturday.. It's becoming harder and harder for me to sleep in. I'm so motivated to get as many things as possible done in a day which made this week extremely long. Along with blog stuff there are other not so fun life things to get done and on top of that I really want to edit my hair video and post it! I just haven't had time. Last Night Christina invited me to a comedy show at the Gotham Comedy club. Soo much fun, I really needed a good laugh and all of the comics were really good! Service was not so good but I feel like I've always had bad service at comedy clubs.. But I ordered a NiNi-tini ( because my moms nickname for me is NiNi ) and it was delish! Afterwards caught the train home and watched a movie with Vladimir xo. Wonderful low-key Friday night.