Jacket HERE // H&M Top // Dress from Forever 21 // Chinese Laundry Sandals // Zara Bag

Ok, I totally forgot to talk about my hair in the previous post! What do you think? I'm loving the color and cut! I took some pictures with my iPhone of the process that I'll post too. Mezei Jefferson ( @mohair1 ) and Rachel Hopkins ( @rachel_hopkinshair ) did the color, they added blonde & red highlights, blended and worked their magic and voila! Then Chuck Amos did the cut and styling. You guys, Chuck has done hair for everybodyyy. He has done hair for Beyonce, Naomi Campbell, Erykah Badu, Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross, June Ambrose, Lee Ann Womack, J.LO, cast of OITNB, etc.. seriously everyone! And he did my hair! It's been 4 years since someone other than myself or my mom really did my hair. So to have the best people do it feels amazing! Is this really my life??