L'oreal Prep Day

Yesterday prepping for the photo shoot tomorrow! Please excuse my tired face, I couldn't sleep because I was soo freaking excited to go get my hair done and try clothes on all day! I started with getting highlights done by Mezei and Rachel, shampoo & conditioned and then style and cut by Chuckie. Everyone was soo nice! It was funny when I was getting the highlights done Chuckie came in like "where is she'?? He told me my hair was a dream, lol! And was just showering me with compliments and sweet words, I was like OMG! thank thank you thank youuuu. Chuckie also told me that in the 25 years of doing hair for celebrities, fashion shows, etc.. He had never seen hair like mine! Many of you probably know I grew up with low self-esteem, I got made fun of a lot. I hated my hair for most of my life and then a couple years ago I decided to love who I naturally am and now look. It's crazy. Crazy amazing. After hair prep we moved onto wardrobe where the team of stylist put together different looks for me to try on. So excited for the shoot tomorrow and I'll take more behind the scene pics!