Just a couple... or a lot of phone pictures from Miami! The girls and I went to have a bachelorette party weekend ( we'll have another one with more friends in NYC). Miami is soo beautiful! It was my first time actually in Miami, I have planned and booked trips to Miami 3 or 4 times before but something always happened where I had to cancel my ticket... So glad I finally made it! South beach is amazing, the water was so clear and warm I never wanted to leave. The people are so nice in Miami which was a nice change from NYC... And I had the best iced coffee ever at Charlotte's Bakery on Washington Ave I had at least one everyday. We also spent time at the 1 Hotel South Beach.. OMG this hotel is absolutely stunning with great service, restaurant and 4 pools to choose from! I did not want to leave! I keep telling Vladimir we need to go together soon! xx