NYC Auto Show

Went to the NYC auto show and it was a blast! I know a fair amount about automobiles and Vladimir is definitely a car enthusiast so it was something we were both eager to attend. We arrived at the event and printed out our tickets then headed to Camp Jeep, where you test ride in one of the Jeep models and experience being in the car driving over different terrain and going up and down steep inclines or declines. Very cool experience and I got a little frightened going up and down 35 degree angles. After the course jeep gave us complimentary tote bags which was nice!

Getting our tickets for the auto show!

Waiting in line for Jeep & me getting a lil scared on the course :)

One thing I really enjoy about NYC is the diversity of people you can encounter. At the auto show it was pleasant seeing people from all over the world sharing a common interest and over-hearing conversations in an array of languages. We walked throughout the venue and looked and sat in some pretty amazing vehicles. My favorite cars for practicality, performance, and appearance are Volkswagen and Mercedes. There were also some impressive cars there like; Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, etc...