Hey! I feel like I've been MIA on the blog here and Instagram... Life has been so crazy these last few days with my birthday, celebrations, surprise trip to Disney World from Vladimir and traveling... We had a great time at Disney world but unfortunate that was pretty much all we saw in Orlando other than restaurants. We actually we're only in Florida for 36 hours, we had planned a road trip to a wonderful beach for today but then we had to cut our trip short  because I had to come back for an exciting meeting that I hope I can tell you more soon! I'm so exhausted now, we were at Disney from 9 am - midnight, got to the airport at 2:30 am, dropped off rental car, caught 5 am flight, had a connecting flight in Miami, arrived in NJ, took train to NYC, got home and fed the cat, showered and headed to my meeting! I think I'll fall asleep any minute now :P