Last Night

Went to bed at 2:30 am woke up at 8 this morning and somehow I feel rested? Last night we went out to celebrate our friend Britt going away and leaving us to travel the world! It was such a fun night, Vladimir and I rarely go out anymore. I asked him 'when did we get so cool'? Lol. We started out with karaoke in East Village but that didn't go as planned since no one at the karaoke place knew how to work the machine in the private room we rented... I don't know how that happens? And then we made a reservation at another spot but the wait was a hour so we grabbed drinks and then headed over only for them to tell us it would be ANOTHER hour. So we went to a lounge that was seriously playing non-stop hits and danced the night away!! I think I feel so good today because I didn't drink any alcohol! You can still have fun and not drink woohoo! I wasn't able to drink because I had a wisdom tooth pulled... Ppl were surprised I made it out, I guess the dentist was really good because I have basically no swelling just a little soreness but it's all good!