The Wendy Show

Getting hair and make-up done

I loved my make-up sooo much!! The make-up artist asked me if I like make-up in general and I said no but if I had her talent I would do this allll the time :)

Watching Wendy from our dressing room // Hanging out with Johnny Wright, he is so funny ad nice. It was so much fun working with him!

On the Show doing our thing

After the show we headed to SoHo for a celebratory lunch xx

The restaurat was so beautiful, I want go back soon!

Some of the ladies and I goofing around :P

Here are some pictures from yesterday on The Wendy Show! How you doin'?? This was so much fun I don't remeber the last time I had this much fun. Seriously, I feel so blessed for these opportunities and to work with amazing people. Thank you for all of the sweet comments and it made me feel so good when you told me you were watching or that you saw me and all of the nice compliments!! THANK YOU!! 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Even though NYC got snow today!! Like what? I wore a tank top and leather jacket yesterday and now it's like blahhh outside. Today if we have time I'm going to have my mom do my hair! I want to give my curls a break and  I'll show you pics when it's finished :)