wine colored coat

Vintage Coat/ Urban Outfitters Bag/ Zara Sweater/ Choies Skirt/ NY Hat Co Hat/ White Mountain Boots

Yesterdays outfit, when I left to meet up with the girls the weather was awful with a snow/rain mush combination but later in the day it got a little bit nicer. After brunch we did shopping in SoHo on Broadway, I must tell you! Zara is having a really nice sale! I've bought a couple things for great prices. It's kinda funny how crowded and intense the store can get on a Saturday afternoon, I found a great pair of trousers and I was holding them while asking Christina if I should purchase them when a girl comes from behind me, as I''m talking, and tries to grab them out of my hand! Lol we we're both shocked but I guess that answered my question that I should buy them Lol. Today I have some things to get done in Brooklyn but have a wonderful Sunday!